Responsive Table Generator v2.0.1

A complete HTML/CSS solution for quick & elegant responsive tables. Code is unminified for easy customization.

Copy and paste data from Excel or Google spreadsheets. Load sample data.

Select Column Types

Choose the type of value for each column (this affects text alignment).


Max # of rows to show on mobile? [default: show all] ( recommended: 5 to 10)

Columns to hide on mobile? [default: hide none] (comma-delimited column names)

When to switch to mobile layout? [default: 600px] (resize browser and click "update table" to see effect)

Zebra striping?


Replace underlined text with your copy below, then click "generate code". If you don't want a hed or a dek, simply delete the contents. The generated code will remove the whitespace. Click a row to toggle highlighting.

Created by Russell Samora and Elaina Natario. Inspired by NPR. See the github repo to submit issues and/or feature requests.